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Finding the Right Travel Nursing Agency for Black Nurses

Finding the Right Travel Nursing Agency for Black Nurses

As a Black nurse considering travel nursing, choosing the right travel nursing agency to partner with is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. 

This agency will handle sourcing assignments, negotiating contracts, resolving issues, and being your advocate.

Ensuring that they truly support diversity and inclusion is one key to a positive experience. 

And let’s not forget about those coins! You do want to secure the bag, right? 

Well, unfortunately, it’s a fact that Black women are underpaid in virtually every aspect of business and industry in America, including healthcare. 

So you need a travel nursing agency that truly wants you to win as much as you do. 

Here is in-depth guidance on researching and selecting the best travel nursing agency that will set you up for success.

Validate Commitment to Diversity

A top priority is choosing an agency that has demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Vet potential partners thoroughly to ensure they will celebrate Black nurses rather than simply tolerate them.

Look for statements on their website specifically expressing support for Black nurses. See if they have leadership roles like Diversity Directors dedicated to diversity initiatives. 

Find out if they offer employee Business Resource Groups or mentorship programs focused on minority nurses.

Select an agency that emphasizes matching you with culturally vibrant locations. Ask how they screen facilities regarding diversity and reported incidents of discrimination. A supportive agency uplifts and champions you.

Trusted agencies known for diversity efforts include:

  • Trusted Health
  • Nomad Health
  • Supplemental Health Care
  • Medical Solutions
  • Fusion Medical Staffing
  • Cross Country Allied

Recruiters Who Specialize in Black Travel Nurses

Seek out agencies that assign recruiters specifically dedicated to assisting Black nurses. These specialists will understand the concerns and needs unique to you as a Black or African American traveler. A customized, nuanced approach leads to ideal placements.

Vet how many years recruiters have been specializing in Black travel nurses to assess their expertise. Having an advocate who gets you leads to a smoother journey.

Abundant Assignment Options

Look for an agency providing plentiful assignment options nationwide in major metro areas, mid-sized cities, and smaller rural markets. Access to myriad specialties, settings, and locations allows you to be selective and find contracts perfectly aligned with your skills, interests, and priorities.

Larger agencies like Aya, Travel Nurse Across America, and HealthTrust Workforce Solutions have an expansive reach to staff assignments coast to coast. 

Just be sure the agency doesn’t overload recruiters with too many travel nurses to manage.

Rigorous Vetting and Credentialing

A reputable agency will have meticulous credential verification and vetting processes to protect both you and your contracted facilities.

Ask detailed questions about their credentialing team and processes. Do they validate all licenses, certifications, references, work histories, and backgrounds? 

Is their vetting up to The Joint Commission standards? What is their average credential verification turnover time?

Thorough, timely vetting ensures you only get matched with legitimate, safe placements that align with your qualifications.

Reputation and Reviews

Research an agency’s reputation based on current and past travel nurses’ experiences. Look for consistently positive reviews and testimonials indicating nurses felt supported and satisfied.

Check rating and review sites like Gypsy Nurse that allow you to compare feedback specific to agencies. Search the Better Business Bureau for any concerning complaints. 

Follow travel nurse hashtags on social media to view shared experiences.

Pay attention to red flags like late pay, unresponsive recruiters, or lack of advocacy support. Find strength in community knowledge.

Continuing Education and Growth

Many leading agencies offer free continuing education units, webinars, training, and career development opportunities for their nurses.

Ask recruiters specifically what CE resources they provide. For example, platforms like Trusted Health offer over 150 free nursing CE courses. Continual learning resources enhance your skills.

Community and Networking

Top agencies facilitate community and networking amongst their nurses through online forums, local meetups, and special groups focused on mentoring nurses of color.

Vet an agency’s specific groups and programs for Black nurses. Having a built-in community leads to greater support and insider knowledge.

Compensation and Benefits

Inquire about pay rates, reimbursements, and benefits like differentials, overtime, bonuses, 401K matching, health/dental insurance, licensure/certification costs, and travel and mileage stipends.

Ideally, the agency has compensation and benefits specifically designed to maximize your income as a nurse. Never settle for less than you deserve.


Gauge an agency’s responsiveness by noting their communication turnaround times. 

Do they have enough recruiters and staff to provide individualized attention? Slow responses indicate they may be overburdened.

Look for guarantees on response time so you don’t wait long for needs to be addressed. Choose an agency focused on service.

Contract Negotiation

Ask how the agency handles negotiating contract details like schedules, pay rates, bonuses, and housing. Do they use their leverage to get you the best terms? Or do they accept the facility’s initial offers without question?

An adept agency negotiates in your favor, providing the inside edge you need as a traveling nurse. Don’t settle for less.

Doing your due diligence ensures you choose the best travel nursing agency that will truly support your success. 

Here are additional questions to ask – and how to spot good signs from a top travel nursing agency versus red flags.


What is your nurse-to-recruiter ratio? How many nurses does each recruiter handle?

Positive response: Low enough ratio that the recruiter can provide you individualized attention. No more than 30-40 nurses per recruiter.

Red flag: High ratios of over 50 nurses per recruiter may mean you get overlooked in the mix.

What steps do you take to ensure my safety and comfort on assignments?

Positive response: Thoroughly vets facilities, housing, and credentials, and provides support resources.

Red flag: No concrete measures were mentioned to ensure nurse safety.

Do you have any partnerships or discounts with national housing providers?

Positive response: Yes, lists major corporate housing partnerships.

Red flag: No, leaves nurses to fend for themselves regarding housing.

What is your process for handling workplace issues or conflicts?

Positive response: Has a clear escalation process and nurse advocate system in place.

Red flag: Unclear resolution process or expectations for nurses to handle issues alone.

How do you help nurses advocate for themselves regarding scheduling, compensation, etc.?

Positive response: Provides resources and guidance on advocating professionally.

Red flag: Nurses are expected to just accept terms and conditions without question or negotiation.


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