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Being Authentically You Thriving as a Black Nurse

Being Authentically You: Thriving as a Black Nurse

As you progress through your nursing career, you may sometimes feel pressure to conform to rigid expectations that make you uncomfortable. However, embracing your identity as a Black nurse across diverse healthcare settings allows you to be empowered and energized. Here are tips for excelling as your authentic self.

Style Your Appearance With Pride

If the hospital dress code permits, incorporate symbolic hairstyles, headwraps, or accessories celebrating your heritage. Or sport bold African-inspired prints hinting at your fabulous flair beneath the scrubs. Find creative touches that make you beam with self-assurance. Even small touches of the authentic you remind patients and colleagues of your fabulousness.

Speak Confidently

Use language reflecting the real you, not some standardized mold. Your vibrant self-expression builds an authentic rapport with patients. And by being unapologetically you, your resilient spirit inspires fellow Black nurses to have the courage to do the same.

Bring Your Passions to Work

Openly discuss the hobbies, values, and communities important to you to find common ground with peers. 

Forming bonds over shared interests makes your days more joyful. And your passions like mentoring youth or giving back to Black causes say more about your character than any job title could. Additionally, talking about your passions – anything from your wine-tasting club to your faith – reveals your humanity and gives others the license and freedom to do the same.

Embrace Your Lived Experiences

Your personal experiences as a Black person shape the invaluable insights you bring to healthcare. Share stories of overcoming challenges through grit, humor, and compassion. 

Let your wisdom uplift patients facing similar trials. Your life itself became the ultimate preparation for this meaningful role.

Celebrate Small Moments

When coworkers inquire sincerely about your heritage or offer encouragement about microaggressions you confided in them, see these as hard-fought victories, even if still imperfect. 

Progress through understanding happens gradually. 

Find empowerment in these small yet meaningful breakthroughs.

Lean on Your Community

Stay rooted in the sources of your strength like family, faith, mentors, and cultural spaces. 

Their unyielding love fuels your ability to be vulnerable yet courageous in unfamiliar settings. You carry their resilience always.

Set Unapologetic Boundaries

If coworker comments make you feel belittled or perceived solely through limiting stereotypes, respectfully redirect the conversation to professional subjects and set limits on sharing personal experiences. You deserve workplaces where you feel honored, safe, and valued.

Trust Your Competence

Years of education and grit prepared you exceptionally for this role. When self-doubts creep in, review student evaluations or heartfelt patient thank-you notes. 

Let tangible proof of your capabilities drown out fleeting insecurities. You were destined to be an outstanding nurse.

The world will adjust to your light. No need to dim it for others’ comfort. Your humanity makes you unstoppable.

As you progress through your nursing career, you may sometimes feel pressure to conform to rigid norms that make you uncomfortable. 

However, staying true to your identity as a Black nurse across diverse healthcare settings allows you to feel empowered and fulfilled. By following the tips above, you can excel in the nursing profession and still stay true to your authentic self.


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