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Resource Roundup Tools and Platforms Every Black Travel Nurse Should Know

Resource Roundup: Tools and Platforms Every Black Travel Nurse Should Know

As you navigate the world of travel nursing, it’s not just about mastering your medical skills but also about harnessing resources that can elevate your journey.

From securing the best assignments to connecting with peers and staying updated, you’ve got a myriad of tools at your fingertips.

And while the modern world offers countless platforms, there are some that truly stand out for the unique needs and aspirations of Black travel nurses

Let’s delve into this curated roundup of resources that’s tailored just for you.

  1. Gypsy Nurse

Why it’s a must: This is one of the most comprehensive online platforms for travel nurses. Whether you’re looking for job boards, housing options, or reviews about agencies, Gypsy Nurse has got you covered.

How it benefits you: Beyond the practicalities, there’s a vibrant community here, hosting regular webinars and meetups that can aid in networking and learning.

  1. Nomad Health

Why it’s a must: A sleek platform that connects travel nurses directly with job opportunities, eliminating the need for a middleman.

How it benefits you: With transparency in pay and job specifics, you can find assignments that fit perfectly with your career goals and preferences.

  1. NurseFly

Why it’s a must: It’s like the Airbnb for travel nurses. Here, you can find housing options tailored for short-term assignments.

How it benefits you: Given the unique nature of travel nurse assignments, regular housing platforms might not always fit the bill. NurseFly offers options that understand your requirements.

  1. National Black Nurses Association (NBNA)

Why it’s a must: This esteemed organization focuses on the professional and personal growth of Black nurses across the country.

How it benefits you: With events, workshops, mentorship opportunities, and more, the NBNA is a rich resource for networking, continuous learning, and empowerment.

  1. BluePipes

Why it’s a must: It streamlines the paperwork. With this platform, you can maintain a single professional profile and share it across multiple agencies.

How it benefits you: No more repetitive paperwork for every assignment. It’s all about efficiency and keeping your credentials organized.

  1. Black Nurses Rock

Why it’s a must: An international platform dedicated to fostering a community for Black nurses, it’s a hub for inspiration, stories, and growth.

How it benefits you: The online forums, meetups, and mentorship programs can be invaluable in finding peer support, advice, and camaraderie.

Your journey as a Black travel nurse is filled with promise and potential. 

With these tools and platforms by your side, you’re not just charting a course in healthcare but are also building bridges, forging connections, and truly making a mark. 

Every assignment and every city is a new chapter, and with these resources, you’re all set to make each one a resounding success.


  1. Are all these platforms free to join?

While many of these platforms offer free versions or features, some might have premium versions that come with added benefits. It’s always good to check their websites for the latest on pricing or membership fees.

  1. How frequently are job listings updated on platforms like Nomad Health?

Job listings on platforms dedicated to travel nursing are typically updated regularly, often daily. This ensures you have access to the latest opportunities.

  1. Is housing provided by the hospital or do I need to find it myself?

While some assignments might come with housing options, not all do. Platforms like NurseFly can be invaluable in those instances, helping you find suitable accommodations tailored for travel nurses.

  1. How do organizations like NBNA support Black nurses specifically?

Groups like NBNA focus on the unique experiences and challenges faced by Black nurses, providing mentorship, scholarships, workshops, and events tailored to promote professional growth and personal empowerment.

  1. Can I use multiple platforms simultaneously for job searches?

Absolutely! It’s always a good idea to cast a wide net to find opportunities that align best with your preferences and career goals.


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