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Join the Club Top Associations and Groups for Travel Nurses

Join the Club: Top Associations and Groups for Travel Nurses

Imagine you’ve just landed in a new city, preparing for your next travel nursing assignment. As you unpack your bags, you can’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. 

New challenges await, and although you’ve done this countless times, each new location brings its own set of adventures.

Thankfully, you’re not alone on this journey.

Being a travel nurse means more than just hopping from one place to another. It’s about community, growth, and shared experiences. 

Joining associations and groups can be an essential step in weaving a network of support, keeping up with industry updates, and making lifelong friends. 

Here are some organizations worthy of your time and attention.

  1. American Travel Health Nurses Association (ATHNA)

As you browse their website, you’re welcomed by a plethora of resources. The ATHNA aims to promote professional growth, offering a platform for travel nurses to collaborate, share stories, and stay updated with the latest in travel health.

  1. Travelers Conference (TravCon)

The first time you attend, it feels like a festival. A gathering of travel nurses and allied health professionals from all over, TravCon offers workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities. It’s not just about learning; it’s about bonding with peers who truly understand your journey.

  1. Gypsy Nurse Groups

Logging onto their Facebook page or website, you’re met with an active community of travel nurses. From housing tips to assignment recommendations, Gypsy Nurse groups provide real-time advice and insights from fellow travelers.

  1. Black Travel Nurse Network

Dedicated to Black travel nurses, this group offers a safe space to discuss unique challenges, share experiences, and connect on a deeper level. Their annual meetups are not just about networking but celebrating the contribution of Black nurses in the travel industry.

  1. National Black Nurses Association (NBNA)

With a rich history and commitment to excellence, NBNA provides mentorship, scholarships, and resources dedicated to the advancement of Black nurses. While not limited to travel nursing, their conferences, seminars, and webinars offer valuable insights for those on the move.

  1. NurseFly

While primarily a platform for job placements, NurseFly has evolved into a community. Their blog and forum sections are bustling with nurses sharing stories, giving city reviews, and discussing the nuances of travel nursing.

7. Travel Nursing Blogs

Sites like and The Gypsy Nurse offer more than just job listings. Their blogs encompass a wide range of topics, from managing finances on the road to coping with loneliness, ensuring you’re always equipped for the journey ahead.

Every time you set foot in a new city or hospital, remember there’s a vast community of travel nurses out there, ready to support and guide you. Becoming a part of these associations and groups is not just about networking; it’s about belonging to a tribe that celebrates and uplifts each other at every turn.


Is there a membership fee for these associations and groups?

Most professional associations have a membership fee, which covers resources, newsletters, and events. However, social media groups, like those on Facebook, typically don’t charge a fee for joining.

Do these groups offer job placement opportunities?

While associations like ATHNA focus on professional growth, platforms like NurseFly and Gypsy Nurse provide job listings and placement opportunities.

How often do these associations or groups have meetups or conferences?

Most associations have annual conferences or seminars. Groups might have informal meetups or networking events more frequently. It’s always best to check their official calendars for up-to-date information.

Can I contribute or volunteer with these associations?

Absolutely! Many associations welcome volunteers for their events, and seminars, or even to contribute articles and insights for their newsletters or websites.

How do these associations ensure the safety and welfare of their members, especially on online platforms?

Professional associations have codes of conduct, and many online platforms have moderators to ensure discussions remain respectful and beneficial. They often have guidelines and protocols in place to report any discrepancies.


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