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Furnished Rentals with Amenities Creating Your Home Away from Home as a Travel Nurse

Furnished Rentals with Amenities: Creating Your Home Away from Home as a Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, you need a comfortable dwelling in every new destination to be your temporary home. 

Seeking out furnished rentals with amenities that meet your needs is crucial for your overall well-being and success on assignments. 

Here’s an overview of the key amenities and features to look for to create a relaxing sanctuary that is your home away from home during your travels.

Must-Have Basics for Livable Spaces

At the core, any rental you choose needs to already contain basic living essentials so you can move in and feel at home right away.

Bedroom – Having a comfortable bed is non-negotiable. You need restful sleep between shifts. Check that the bed, mattress, and linens are all good quality. Built-in nightstands and lamps also make life easier.

Living Room – A functional couch or loveseat lets you relax and unwind. Coffee and side tables allow you to eat or work comfortably. Ensure ample, comfortable seating is provided.

Dining Area – Look for a table and chairs suitable for meals and workspace. Barstools at a kitchen counter work too. You want seating for 2-4 people minimum.

Storage – Sufficient wardrobe and dresser space ensure you can fully unpack. A lack of storage creates clutter and headaches.

Bottom line: Any rental should contain the core furniture pieces and storage space for true livability. You provide the personal touches!

Fully Equipped Kitchens

An equipped kitchen expands your options for healthy, affordable meals. Look for:

  • Stovetop and oven – Enables cooking hot meals. More burners provide flexibility.
  • Refrigerator – Essential for fresh produce, leftovers, and groceries. Look for full-size models.
  • Microwave – Quick heating and cooking appliance. Time saver for nurses with limited time.
  • Coffee maker – For many nurses, coffee is non-negotiable. Having an in-unit machine is a major perk.
  • Dishware – Plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery for eating meals.
  • Cookware – Pots, pans, baking sheets – essentials for preparing just about any recipe.
  • Small appliances – Nice bonuses like blenders, air fryers, slow cookers, toasters, and more.

The ability to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals improves your diet, focus, and energy levels while saving money too.

Reliable High-Speed Internet

Staying connected digitally is a must these days both personally and professionally. Ensure any prospective rental includes:

  • High-speed WiFi – Slow, spotty internet quickly becomes frustrating. Confirm internet speeds meet your usage needs.
  • Wired options – Rentals ideally have WiFi routers plus Ethernet ports for wired connections that are more stable for video calls or gaming.
  • Cable TV access – If you want regular television channels, check that cable hookups are available.

Reliable internet allows you to stay in touch with family and friends, research locations, take online courses, stream shows, and manage life from your device.

In-unit or On-Site Laundry

Having laundry facilities at your residence makes washing clothes far more convenient:

  • In-unit laundry – Washers and dryers within your rental are the ultimate perks.
  • Shared building laundry – If unavailable in-unit, communal laundry rooms in the building/complex are the next best option.
  • Access & cost – Verify laundry room hours if shared. Know costs per load. Get plenty of quarters if coin operated!
  • Nearby laundromats – If no on-site options, search for laundromats close by to supplement as needed.

Easy access to laundry ensures you have clean scrubs and save precious time off duty. It’s a major convenience you’ll appreciate.

Safety First: Secured Buildings and Properties

While you want to experience local culture, safety should be non-negotiable:

  • Research crime rates – Search online crime mapping tools for any neighborhood you’re considering. Watch for hotspots.
  • Building access – Secure access doors, buzz-in systems, and security cameras in halls and common areas are ideal.
  • Well-lit exterior – Ensure the building, parking areas, and grounds are well-lit at night.
  • Property oversight – Active on-site management, security personnel, and locks on windows/doors add peace of mind.

Taking time to scrutinize safety gives you the confidence to relax and enjoy your temporary home knowing security is a priority.

Healthy Living: Fitness and Outdoor Options

Maintaining your physical health is crucial as well. Look for rentals that make staying active convenient:

  • On-site fitness center – Access to a gym without purchasing an external membership keeps fitness affordable and convenient.
  • Outdoor amenities – Features like a pool, walking trails, basketball court, or outdoor yoga space allow activities without leaving your community.
  • Nearby parks – If no on-site options, proximity to public parks, recreational spaces, and walking paths expands possibilities.

Options that remove barriers to exercising help you stick to a routine that keeps your body healthy and energized.

Transportation, Parking, and Location

Whether you have a car or use public transit, consider:

  • Parking availability – Rentals should provide parking if you have a car. Underground garages are ideal.
  • Access to public transit – If using buses or trains, easy access to stops/stations is crucial.
  • Walkability – Find rentals in central areas so amenities are accessible by foot or bike.
  • Commute time – Ensure your housing limits commute time to your assignment location as much as possible.

Convenient access to transit and easy commutes simplify travel nursing and maximize your precious personal time.

Shared Spaces to Socialize

While you want privacy in your unit, having access to shared community areas provides valuable opportunities to socialize, meet neighbors, and enjoy amenities. Look for:

  • Community lounge
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Courtyard with seating
  • Swimming pool
  • Shared barbecue/kitchen
  • Game room

Shared spaces allow you to unwind, meet fellow residents, and discover your surrounding community. Don’t underestimate their value for your social and mental well-being.

Key Takeaways

Furnished rentals containing the right amenities transform an unfamiliar house into a true home-away-from-home as a travel nurse

Prioritizing livability, comfort, convenience, and security sets you up to thrive personally and professionally in any new destination. 

Remember, surroundings that allow you to take care of your body and mind enable you to provide top-notch care for others. 

By choosing rentals strategically, you’ll create the experience you desire during every unique chapter of your travel nursing journey.


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