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Finding Your Tribe Building Community as a Travel Nurse

Finding Your Tribe: Building Community as a Travel Nurse

Starting over in unfamiliar cities as a travel nurse can feel isolating initially. 

But seeking out kindred communities aligned with your interests allows you to plant roots and feel at home wherever your career takes you. 

Follow these tips to discover your people across the country.

Join Meetups Around Your Passions

Browse to connect with local groups revolving around hobbies and interests that enliven you, whether it’s hiking, book clubs, cultural traditions, dance lessons, or anything else. Following your bliss is the easiest way to bond with like-minded folks.

Volunteer for Meaningful Causes

Contribute your time and talents to organizations doing good in areas important to you, like environmental conservation, youth mentoring, animal rescue, or support for underserved groups. You’ll meet big-hearted people while bettering local communities.

Seek Out Cultural Centers

Look for cultural hubs like Hispanic arts centers, Black history museums, Middle Eastern grocery stores, and restaurants. These spaces organically attract those who share heritage, values, and traditions. Introduce yourself to ignite new friendships.

Connect with College Alumni Networks

If you’re a graduate of a historically Black college, look for local alumni networks, groups, and social events. Joining professional associations like the National Black Nurses Association also provides built-in community.

Chat with Neighbors

Make an effort to say hi to neighbors in your apartment building, condo complex, or neighborhood. Ask about their favorite local spots and hidden gems to break the ice leading to local friendships.

Strike Up Conversations About Shared Interests

Coffee shops, boutique fitness studios, farmer’s markets, and other third spaces cultivate community. Engage others about the location, activity, or your shared passions.

Bond with Coworkers Outside of Work

Suggest grabbing breakfast or coffee with nurses or staff you’ve vibed with before your shift. Lean on work friends for the laughter and solace only fellow healthcare pros understand.

Join Online Groups Tied to Your Interests

Download apps like Bumble BFF, Meetup, or Facebook groups to connect with those who share your loves like sports, baking, book clubs, or wine. Virtual friends can lead to in-person camaraderie.

Remember, Connections Take Time

Don’t get discouraged if you feel isolated initially after moving. The close lifelong friendships you cherish back home took time to cultivate too. Stay open to meeting people at every opportunity. In no time, you’ll naturally create a sense of community anywhere.


What are the best ways to meet people in a new city?

Boutique fitness studios, volunteering, Meetup groups, and local cultural events are great ways to organically meet new people. Parks and cafes present opportunities to strike up conversations as well.

How do I put myself out there if I’m shy?

Focus on activities you already enjoy that provide common ground for connecting. Remind yourself that others are also looking to meet new people. Starting with a warm smile or hello is often all it takes!

Where are the best places to connect with fellow nurses?

Nursing conferences, professional development events, meetups, and even networking apps like Peanut provide opportunities to bond over shared experiences as nurses.

What if I don’t click with coworkers?

Broaden your network by chatting with nurses outside your direct team. Suggest grabbing coffee together before shift. Having even one work ally makes all the difference when transitioning to a new hospital.

How long does it take to find your “people”?

Give it 2-3 months. Join 2-3 groups tied to your interests to increase your circle quickly. Embrace saying yes to social invitations even if intimidating at first. The connections will blossom faster than expected.


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